Difference Between Cool Sculpting And Liposuction

God has created people in different shapes and size, each of them should be equally loved and appreciated. However, people prefer to be slim and smart for which they practice various exercises. Sometimes, the body fat is so stubborn that it does not get off easily, no matter how much exercise one does or diet he follows. Then people opt for the third option which is the removal of excessive body fat through medical or cosmetic treatment. People want to remove excessive body fat because of two reasons; one is to obtain perfect body shape and second is to stay away from diseases like obese. In this article, we will be discussing about the difference between cool sculpting and good non surgical fat reduction

Cool sculpting:

Science has bestowed us with so many facilities and technologies. These technologies have not only fastened our life system but have also brought revolution in every sector of life. People, especially women are mostly worried about their weight which continuously keeps on increasing. Even if they try every basic method of losing their weight like exercise or any particular diet, still they are sometimes unable to lose their excessive body fats. So, science or particularly speaking medicine has created third way for men and women to lose their excessive body fats. This way is either cool sculpting way or liposuction way.

Cool sculpting is the non-surgical method of removing excessive body fats. It is basically a cosmetic treatment in which excessive body fats or unwanted body fat is removed by the freezing of cells method. This method is carried out by freezing the fat cells without having to remove them surgically. With the passage of time, these frozen dead fat cells reaches liver from where they are excreted out. the fats of areas like stomach, arms, thighs and other such body parts where the fats seems to be excessive can be removed by this method of cool sculpting.


Liposuction is another method of removing extra body fats but this method is carried out surgically. Fats which cannot be removed easily are eliminated through the process of liposuction in which they are cut off the body.

Cool sculpting is a non-surgical method whereas liposuction uses surgical way of removing excessive body fats. Moreover, cool sculpting comes with lesser and temporary side effects. However, liposuction can have more of the later effects and can sometimes leave surgical marks as well.


People mostly do not feel confident enough when they are not satisfied with their body shape or size. So, they try different ways to attain the body which fits into perfect body in their definition. There are various ways of removing excessive body fats but the cool sculpting and liposuction methods of removing body fats comes under the category of medical treatment. Cool sculpting is the non-surgical way of eliminating excessive body fats as compared to liposuction which uses the surgical method of removing stubborn body fats. “Cool body shaping” offers the best cool sculpting treatment which is carried out by professionals.